Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We value our visitors’ privacy. That is why we have an elaborate privacy policy to ensure everyone understands easily. On our website, we deal with affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is a recommendation by law to disclose everything for all visitors to know.

This privacy policy document summarizes all the needed information. Therefore, we have made the information is easy to read and understand for everyone.

By visiting our website, it means you agree with the terms and conditions summarized in this document.

The privacy policy is subject to change. This is due to the change in the regulations which might prompt us to update, change, or part edit. In case of change or update, there will be prompt communication to ensure our visitors are notified. Therefore, we encourage everyone to keep reading the privacy policy regularly to check whether there is any change.

Information collection

The interaction between your computer and mobile device can lead to the collection of information. This helps in easing the communication between the device and the website. In the process, some of the information may be collected. Some of this info includes

Personal data

The personal data includes identifiable information like name, email, gender, and others. Normally, the information collected is only needed when registering for our subscriptions. The process requires you to provide your name and email address. Additionally, the process is only for ensuring that you participate in the delivery of information timely. Especially, you can get when a new article is updated or change in site policy.

Log data

Log files are some of the recordable information that the browser saves whenever you log into a website. They are part of the information that the computer uses to remember last logins to recently visited websites. The logs might include information like IP address, date, and time. The info is important in helping us know what our customers want and general monitoring.


Like log files, cookies are also collected when users access our website. These are small unique files. They help the website system to recognize and remember your devices in case you had visited earlier. Therefore, when you log in to our site, it will send the cookies into your system. However, there is an option to allow or deny cookies. The browsers also allow users to enable or disable cookies in the setting section. However, to get the best experience with our website, it’s recommendable to leave the cookies enabled.

Link to other sites

Our websites participate in different affiliate and advertisement programs. Therefore, there are links that will direct you to third-party websites. Although we are income through these links, we have no control over their terms and conditions. As a result, it’s the user’s responsibility to ensure they adhere to the set terms and conditions of respective websites.

Use of collected data

The collected data is important for improving our users’ experience. It helps us track the interests of our users. Also, the information is vital for monitoring our website traffic. In case of any other use, we will update our terms and conditions page to let our visitors aware.


The security of our visitors’ data is important. To comply with the law, all collected data is treated with high fragility. This ensures it doesn’t get lost or accessed by unauthorized people. Therefore, the data is stored in unreadable human nature and also in an encrypted format.